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Extra Muros (chapter 2), Unrealised
Participatory project intended for Algiers underground construction site
Initially planned for 2006

The Algiers underground is an urban legend, a chimera that nobody believed in any longer.
Decided in 1979, started in 1982, its construction lasted ... 30 years !
The story of this underground merges with the history of Algeria, between economical and political crisis, between bureaucracy and incompetence...
This project was a proposal to organise visits to the construction sites of the future stations of the Algiers underground.
The aim was to re-appropriate the underground for the duration of these visits.
Visit, appreciate, listen. My ambition was to make the audience participate in a process, make this moment belong to them.

This project had never been realized. I have been struggling from office to office, where no one really answered my proposal, and no one gave reasons for his reluctance. I understood more from unspoken words than from concrete and definitive answers.
The underground was a political issue whose stakes go far beyond my aesthetic pretensions.
It has been inaugurated on october 2011 burying forever my project.

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