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Extra Muros 3
Extra Muros chapter 3 (Jardin d’Essais), Unrealised
3 meter high concrete panels, metal, wood and glass, footpath blocks
Seats: stainless steel, Plexiglas, marble, rusted metal
Initially planned for 2006

This proposal invites an initiatory promenade through the gardens of the Jardin d'Essais, a famous park in Algiers. Sculptures and urban furniture are distributed according to an invisible plan, where everything is to be invented and discovered. The visitor mentally assembles elements along the way, thus experiences a new vision of space, new horizons.

Once more, I am interested in the garden of all the inhabitants of Algiers. It belongs to the collective unconscious. It has been “confiscated” for renovation, and remained closed for several years.
I have been facing a total incomprehension from different responsibles at different levels. I have been offered only the possibility to ”hang her frames” in the inauguration day...

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