Mauresque, (2008) 2,8 x 2,8 m, interlacing welded metal
Biennale de Pontevedra, Spain

Mauresque (Moorish) is an excerpt from the Extra Muros project.
I question notions of space and borders and revisit a typically Algerian architectural trait. The 'barreaudage' is a popular barbarism that qualifies the particular exterior metal crossbars that became undividable from Algerian urban landscape, essential to their homes. They have always known this architectural feature, since the 'moucharabieh' is an Arab-Andalusian legacy. How did they move from this refined decorative feature to crossbars?
I wonder...
Once again, I divert an element, install it inside to create an outside-in, avoid any useful function. Then, it becomes a visual and spatial border.

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